Monday, April 21, 2014

Live Simple (not like hippy hairy armpits simple, like content simple)

Gratitude does not even begin to express how overwhelmed I have been at the outpouring of love with the fundraiser for my dad. The world is full of such amazing generous people! Thank you from every part of my heart for sharing the links, passing on information, and donating. It's so true that every little bit counts. Not one ounce of it goes unnoticed. I love you ALL (Well unless you are a creepy ax-murderer, then tecnically I may not have AS much love for you as I do the others). Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!! Donate here

I often find myself wondering what my dad is thinking. What does his mind ponder on in the quiet moments? Does Heavenly Father give him moments of pure clarity so that he remembers what he is fighting for?

I talked to dad on the phone yesterday. He seemed good, still mellow and simple as ever. He even laughed at my funny story, it was great! I love seeing the little glimpses of emotion. I told him I was coming to visit and he wanted to know the specific day I would be there. Love him. :) My dad is a pretty mellow and simple chap. No really, when my now husband asked my dad if he could ask me to marry him, his reply was simply "that'll be fine." Even When we have conversations now his simplicity still hasn't changed. That's probably how he came to love the outdoors so much, because of the simple but beauty of everything.  

Speaking of my dad and outdoors....

This is my dad in the "Outdoors"
This is my brothers daughter in the "Outdoors"
And this is my kid in the "Outdoors"
yep he is crying because there is dirt, and bugs, and dirt. Apparently the love of outdoors skips generations every now and then ;) Reason #56254 that my dad needs to recover and quickly: I apparently am doing NO good at teaching my kids the joys of camping

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Jem said...

Oh Amy. How Ive missed your humor. Thankful to be back in blogland again.