Thursday, April 24, 2014

"A Day without laughter is a day wasted"

It has been 28 days since my dad's LAST cardiac arrest and stroke. 28 days since my dad knew exactly who I was every time I saw him or talked to him (although he is getting MUCH better at remembering me now, its probably due to my unforgettable charm ;) How has it only been 28 days? It truly feels like at least 9 months. I cannot even imagine how the time has gone for Ann. It's crazy how one part of your life can seem to stand still in time and the rest of it speeds by. It's like I'm living a double life exept not the cool kind when one of your identities is a massively buff undercover secret spy named "Jane."......(insert me daydreaming I am Angelina Jolie in Mr & Mrs Smith) ........The good news is that I'm NOT Angelia Jolie -I mean who really wants massive amounts of money and insanely gorgeous looks anyways-  No really, the good news is that my dad is getting Stronger each day. His sentences are getting better, he seems to remember a smidge better at times, and his body is getting stronger. So bring on the next 28 days (preferably uneventful in the trauma front)! He's got this!

So my dad thinks Jimmy Carter is the president, but he also says he was born in 2004. So his memory is still a tad shaky to say the least but One thing that hasn't changed is his desire to make people laugh. He "Hog tied" Bridgett here

 My dad making people laugh and smile is a big part of who my dad is, of who my dad has always been. My kids still talk about the story that Grandpa Corky told them about pretending chocolate covered raisins were rabbit turds and freaking everyone out when he popped them in his mouth. Typical dad there.

Along with being very witty, my dad is just a tad bit stubborn also. He has went through at least 6 oxygen cannulas and 8 oximiters from ripping them apart. This picture is after one of his successful demolishing sessions. He is so proud of his achievements ;)

As for now, we just need to be able to get the chest tube out. Things were looking good for maybe taking it out this week but that dream has since been sat on, since the tube is still draining too much fluid out. The next step (whenever that happens) will be to move him to an Acute Rehab facility, which is a step down from and Ltach that he is at now and a step up from a nursing home (I think). Know of any good Acute Rehab facilities, let us know, if we choose your suggestion we will make you cookies or if your super lucky a pie. :)

Thanks again to all who have donated. Its fun to watch the donations keep rolling in. You all are the BEST PEOPLE EVER!!

Donate here if you would like

Ok 1 more thing, I just had a thought: I am sure my dad gets super bored sitting in the hospital room all day (although the other day he told me he was at his sister Gloria's house, then I was the one all sorts of confused. He wasn't, he was still in his room) Anywhoo, how cool would that be to be able to take my dad a bunch of letters from his friends and family when I go down on Tuesday?!?! So If you want to write a letter or little note, no matter how short or how long, to my dad and email it to me at I will print them off and make sure he gets them. You guys are the bestest. Oh this will be so fun. Oh and I guess If you want to write a super mushy one and don't want me to read it just tell me "don't read this please" at the top and I will be honest and just print, fold, and deliver :)  Ready, set, go!

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