Saturday, May 10, 2014


My dad had another Cardiac arrest on Thursday morning (may 1st). Apparently he choked on a piece of pancake and went into cardiac arrest. This time it took them 8 minutes to bring him back . So lets put this into perspective....the first cardiac arrest was 23 minutes, the second was 10 minutes and this last one was 8 minutes so if you add them all together that is 41 minutes, which is basically one episode of Psych if you fast forward through the commercials, or a 4 mile run! Talk about crazy!!

I got to see my dad last Sunday. Since his last cardiac arrest on Thursday, his memory is a little more foggy. He has good days and moments and then some not so good days and moments. On Friday he thought he was 12 years old, and kept asking for his dad. On Sunday he thought he was 29 years old but knew who we all were (although at first he thought Whitney was a "little Mexican lady"). He still mumbles strange funny things and when I asked him how many kids I have he said "7." I assured him that If I did have 7 kids I would most certainly be in the looney bin ;). He loves to color. It's kind of strange seeing your grown dad coloring a 101 Dalmatians coloring book haha. 

My dad walked the other day with a walker for a few steps. That's a big deal!! If we can get him physically able to go home we believe that will be a HUGE help for his mental state. Since my dad's house has stairs there are a few more stipulations he has to meet in order to go will be a while.

The next step is to take the tube out of his lung. Once we get that tube out we can see how he does without it. Scary step but also a needed one. When I talked to him a few days ago he seemed a little short of breath but they think it is anxiety. He really just doesn't want to be there anymore :( it has to be hard not knowing exactly why you are there.

Thanks again for all of your prayers, thoughts, emails, donations, and visits. He loves having visitors and lights up when people walk in the room.

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