Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Happy Birthday Obama....and Dan

He (Dan not Obama) is now officially 55 according to Anthon.  To remember this milestone here are a few things about Dan at this stage:

* He loves soda, Coke Zero lately and can drink right from the Soda Can!! 
* He recently found a love for rebuilding trailers. His hand eye cordination never ceases to amaze me. 
* He is a Dave Ramsey groupie. Could be the fan club president really. When Dave comes on the radio he squeals with delight, it's so cute. I need to catch it on video. 
* He loves donuts, and he is getting so good at eating them with no mess! 
* He hates Gobstoppers. Which is good for my fear of him choking. Maybe we will try it again in a few years. 
* He is learning to dance like Michael Jackson for our upcoming Michael Jackson party in October. Cutest thing ever! 
* He can't stand flies or people who don't wash their hands after using the restroom. He almost immediately bursts into tears with each. 
* he can quote lines from any more he has seen, even if only seen once. His vocabulary is just so impressive!! 

He is getting to be so grown up. We just love this stage he is in and wish we could freeze time! 

Happy Birthday to our very favorite Dan!!!

*disclaimer: although it may sound like I am poking fun at the posts people do about their childrens milestones, rest assured I think it is the most brilliant idea since Fav Red's Starbursts!  :) 

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